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Steps to be taken while traveling through Space A by military servers

Space A seats, also known as Space Available Seats in military flight booking terms, is a special gift for the army, military and navy servers of several countries. They are special cheap airline tickets for military men or women, which give them the benefit to travel with the cheapest fares. It is a special offer for the retired and on duty military officers at the time of emergency or normal traveling packages. Not only the military, navy or army officers, but also their families and spouse are eligible for such seats.

But there are a few steps to follow to avail the space A seat.

Check the eligibility

Firstly check whether you are in any one of the six categories eligible for the space A seats. The categories include officers travelling for official emergency, environmental morale leave, active duty ordinary leave, medal of honour holders, senior officers, retired officers, command and non command sponsors, dependent of active duty, etc. According to the priority basis you can fill up your nomination for the seats.

Registering process

When you have decided the category you belong to, now it’s time to register yourself for the seat. You can register yourself through Internet, email, fax or personally visit and register. The priority is decided on first come first served basis. But it has also fixed that few categories are given more importance among all.

Checklist at the departing station

Once the listing is done, the next step is to check whether you are listed in the departure list of b the destination where you want to visit. You need to go and check at the passenger desk your name and give your presence there in 24 hours after after the list is declared. This way you will be moved to the next step known an the Roll Call for the destination which you have selected and the available cheap airline tickets for military.

Final step

Once you have entered the Roll Call phase, now you need to be present for the final step. The number of members with their luggage and necessary documents should be present there. This would make it easy for the people to give seats on the priority basis as well as the travelling dates and timings basis. Incase, of any mistake while being present there, the seat is transferred to the next candidate who has applied for the seats.

The space A seat pattern though is a confusing process, it still holds major benefits of the cheap airline tickets for military for both men and women. It is a widely accepted process with all its difficult points at the navy, army or military at almost all the countries.

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