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Military and their dependents avail great deal of offers in so many sections. And even to add to this zone, the airlines are now full of offers for the military members. When this profession involves a lot of travelling, the discounts and offers will be of really great help.

Types of Offers

In general, when we hear about offers, the thought of discounts penetrate the minds. Well, while it is the ultimate and most joyous form of offers, there are also some other type of offers from the government itself.

Although every country has their predetermined set of rules and conditions for becoming eligible to grab one, qualifying on those criterions will help you in getting one. It goes same with the airlines even and each company has their own set of ‘T&C’ for the military members.

1. Government Fares: The service administration negotiates on this every year and set the rate. This is done with the airlines bidding and setting their rates. Considering all the aspects, a final amount is decided by the authority. In majority of the cases, these offers are applicable for the official travels but some airlines provide these even to the personnel for leave. While this option is rare, to add to this, this type of offers are applicable for only a particular route.

2. Airline Fares: This is strictly applicable for military members who are on leave and doesn’t involve the criteria of an official travel. The disadvantage is that, these are not always the lowest airfare and are decided by the airlines specifically. However, you may also find some sort of discounts added to it, which ultimately cuts down the rate significantly. In certain cases, it is seen that the military fares are even higher than the fares that the airplane announces ultimately to fill up the seats. So, it is a negative feature for the members and the sudden change in fare without any penalty can be the greatest advantage of the airline authorities.

However, when it comes to travel discounts, military members can avail it in every form. Be it the hotels or a flight, the amount can be less everywhere. All these features, makes the journey an easy military travel. While a detail elaboration has been given on the airfare discounts, let us now highlight few other points from the stay.

Hotel Discounts

Almost, all the big hotel chains offer discount to the military personnel. Simply, by showing the card and entering the necessary details, these types of offers can be availed. Anyway, the exception is during the festive time, when the hotels or the resorts are packed with people. During those big celebration days, even the big chains disable this offer system even in case of a prior booking.

Additionally, this offers are available in some of the base lodgings too, which are located far away from the city and can be hard to travel from. But considering the cut down price, this inconvenience should not be a problem at all, right?

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