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Get Heavy Discount on Military Flights

Flying has never been cheap and even today the option of flying for most people are a luxury.  It is often the business class of people that rely on flying to get to places on work.  The idea of military discount flights came to being to help the members of the military in getting back and to base on mobilization.  This, however caught on and now most airlines do offer the military and their dependant family members the luxury of cheap discounted travel.  It then became a sign of appreciation that members of the armed forces took with both hands.

The Economics Of Military Discounts

Often people wonder how military discount flights can be done.  Who exactly is paying the discount?  Well, a closer perusal would make it evident that nobody gets to pay the discount.  Most military discounts are made by doing away with the taxes and levies that the defense personnel pay.  This does reduce the final amount that the military personnel are billed and thus effects a military discount.  As is seen by most governments, the advantageous position that the personnel of the armed forces enjoy has been in existence from a long time back.  With this gesture, defense forces were being thanked for the sacrifice and renunciation that they undergo every day guarding against adventurism by the enemy forces.

Limitations Of Military Discounts

There is however some restriction that is placed over military discount flights that most defense personnel and their dependant families rely on.  Most airlines do not allow discounts for tickets that are booked a good two weeks in advance or less.  Most discounted travel has to be planned and executed a good three months in advance.  This does severely limit the freedom of choice.  Moreover, the need for discounts while travelling on short notice does make this avenue a not so popular choice.  People cannot have control over emergency situations and penalizing a person for no fault of there is not a good thing to do.

Are Military Discounts Necessary?

As explained in the above paragraph, the cost discount is actually a foregoing of government revenue.  This does not cause much disruption to the government income, but is a good gesture that would bring a lot more than good will.  Most military discount flights thus are minimal in their effect on people as a whole.  As a gesture, the practice of offering discounts to the armed forces and their dependant families are a sure shot method of showing gratitude for a service well done.  There is nothing quite like the attention that serving in the forces brings to the person.  Rarely does serving personnel get a chance to not thank the people enough for effectively taking care of their needs and wants.

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